Thursday, October 8, 2020

Hotels in Post Covid Era

The world is opening up again and business would mold to the new terms, so would hotels . Every time a guest walks in his first point of interest would be how safe is this Hotel. What all cleaning and hygiene practice does this hotel follow. What are the SOPs.

While many of these guest would also be interested in who occupied the Hotel Room before me and was it properly disinfected.

UVNashak for Hotels

Operating in a semiautomatic mode, the robot with inbuilt ultraviolet (UV) lights disinfects rooms and surfaces. With motion sensors, the system distinguishes humans from other visible objects to prevent damage to human health. The robot effectively destroys harmful microorganisms, causing the COVID-19 disease.

How UVNashak works

The robot aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious and harmful microorganisms by destroying their DNA structure with UVC lights. With a wavelength of 222- or 254-nanometers, the robot kills bacteria in public places, such as hospitals, office spaces, schools, airports, etc. UVC Disinfection Robot is designed to aid your cleaning staff on a daily basis, while eliminating human error.

The cloud based log helps you know which all places were disinfected and when. We provide a real time update of all the logs as to who operated and at what time was the room disinfected. 

A room of say 250 Sq ft can be easily disinfected in a matter of appx 4 mins. The UVC light destroys the pathogen in air and on surface. 

Each hotel should own one as it can be effectively used in conference rooms, banquet halls as well as guest rooms. With no chemical to replenish the cost of ownership is very less.

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