Monday, August 12, 2019

IoT Based Lock System - By Net Legends

IoT based Lock System – A QR based lock system has been devised using IoT and Electric Strike.

One of the most accepted and widely used kind of locks are the rfid based swipe card systems which are mostly installed in hotels and access control places as data centers. Here an advanced security system is being used unique QR ( Quick Response)  identification (referred to as UQID henceforth) code.

The UQID system presented here is a new methodology implemented to provide advanced security services to hotel rooms along with better “hospitality” to guests. The existing systems have a hardware key (rfid swipe cards) which become an extra weight to the pockets of the guests, So we digitized the key in this project using mobile phone unique keys.

The uniqueness of this system so designed is that instead of using UQID ( Unique QR ID on the phone the same is being used for the first time on lock. The user scans the lock QR and gets an affirmative response from the cloud for grant of access MD5 hash is used for added safety. Unlike more prevalent systems where a dynamically generated QR code on the phone is scanned by a door mounted camera, our system scans a static QR code printed on the door and uses the phone encryption to grant access.

Our system stand unique as the log of access is on the cloud db. The system is tested while in use at a local public convenience place. We are able to provide access to users via this mechanism. Access control and log is managed from this system.

The future of Access Control would shift from RFID cards to mobile phone. The whole system authentication would be based on your phone which would not only act as an ID but also virtual key to entry in the room.
Your Mobile is Your Identity

The pay per use model have been implemented in our E-Toilet product being used successfully.  Also successfully implemented at freshrooms - toilets.

This solution eliminates reader as well as door controller costs.

Features and Benefits:

QR Code based Identification
Mobile as User Credential
People rarely forget their mobile phones and do not give them away as easily as their RFID cards. Your Mobile is Your Identity
Contactless Identification
Users don’t have to touch the scanner.
Hygienic Solution
User Identification Linked to Mobile IMEI
Server Encrypted QR Code
24-bit Encryption for Mobile to Server Communication
Mobile to server communication is encrypted with the provision to use customer-owned certificates.
Eliminate Card or Biometric Readers
Eliminate expensive devices, panels, wiring, installation and AMC costs.
Multiple QR Codes
Multiple QR Codes can be used to speed up ingress/egress to avoid congestion and queues.
Speed and Throughput
Printed QR Codes at Entry
Reduces setup time. Works where biometric or card readers are not easy to deploy.
Faster Installation
Linked to Pay Per Use
Pay per use via integration to digital payment gateway
Easy integration to present system

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Win Against Waste


Ibin is an IoT based product which calls the trash truck when it’s time to clean. It offers full containment touch less operation. It’s a futuristic product which uses public socio platform like twitter to inform about its fill status. These Solar powered bins are Made of SS 304 with ergonomic design which helps in easy cleaning . It has inbuilt illuminated facade which can be used for advertisement or social messaging this glows in night for easy identity.

The Bins can be easily connected to central command and control center via 3G / 4G or fiber network.

They can truly be called “iBin – the Smartest Bin”.